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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Padao Restaurant Nahargarh Fort

Padao Restaurant Nahargarh Fort  From the highest Open Air Bar Restaurant of the city, Gulabi Shehar is colossal.. Morning are very religious as you can hear Azan in one voice from many Mosques. 

But we prefer evenings because city is glittering with it colourful lights.
Air is much more gentle and fresh, 
And everything looks complete with a touch of history and Padao is like a window to Jaipur's history.
You will see how H.H. Sawai Jai Singh ji built this so logically.
Jaipur was indeed one of the first planned cities in India.
But the view , after you get a bit tipsy from the top is like.. The city lights are winking at you. You'll wander around and search the spots you recognise.
It's amazing.
The fortress of Nahargarh is an absolute wonder. And Padao being Open Air serves the best view possible.

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